Sunday, October 24, 2010

Sigh...tomorrow is MONDAY!

I HATE MONDAY'S!!!! Sure, sure I know all the "God's given us another day" stuff and I also know I should be thankful but how would you like it if Monday was the begining of  a 5 day withdraw? My husband will leave on Monday morning @ 7:30 am and won't be back until 6:30 pm!!!!! This will happen everyday until Saturday! GRRRRRR!!!!! Ok so maybe I'm being a brat but......dang it! I love him and he is awesome and I don't wanna be without him!!!!!   Ok, sorry I'll stop whining now. Everyone have a good week and hopefully I will post something positive in a couple days. As for you Monday......BRING IT!!!!!!!

Really People.......How do I resist all this sexyness? I just can't!

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