Thursday, November 4, 2010


    Ok so this weekend will be our FIRST "official" dealings with foster kids. Althought Tim & I have done plenty of family placements. We are doing what is called respite care. That means the regular foster parents need to take some time off and do things that the F.K.'s can't do or they just need a VaCa. Okay I admit it I use the word "VACA". So sue me. Any Who.....we have decided to take the kids to the San Antonio Zoo. Thats right I will have 11 kids and 3 adults. Add that up, and thats alota people! Thats ok thought I am READY!!! The wonderful people at S.A.Z will let all our kids under 17 in for FREE!!!! We bought a family pass so all the kids are free. Yearly passes are great. So the grand total for getting into the Zoo.....$5.00! That is to renew and add our card!!! WOOT!WOOT!!!
    Part of me is so scared. I know though that I am doing what God wants me to so I draw strength in that. Well, wish me luck and I will post zoo pics soon.........

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