Monday, October 11, 2010


Yesterday my Darling denise spilled some apple juice on the table. Everyone looked at her and she burst into tears. We had Grandma and Grandpa over along with a lady from our church. I just looked at her and said , " Honey no use cryin over spilled juice." With a wink and a smile and a dish cloth the mess was cleaned. All this to introduce Denise. She is sweet and oh so sensitive.
I know she looks kinda cracked out but she really has a hard time with pictures....
Ok so she is in the 2nd grade and I just wanna know. When did she get so big? I still remember giving birth to her like it was yesterday. She does well and she deals with dyslexia like a champ. She is an overcomer. It was so hard but she did it with the determination that only true Bathams possess.

I think I love her.........

I know I love her........

She is the one who is most excited by us getting foster kids. She is just concerned that she won't remember their names. She is so sweet and caring.

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