Friday, July 8, 2011

Sooooo Busy

Well it's been several months since I have blogged and I thought I would let y'all know whats happin'.
..............NOTHING! I have been so busy doing nothing. Daily life is so hectic that "getting stuff done" is just a ridiculous statement. All has been well and many things have happened. First my brother in law has FINALLY married. Although I'm glad he waited. Alita is AMAZING and so perfect for him. Mike and Harmony have begun the renovation of their kitchen. I am so excited for Harmony. Mom and Dad will be going to Florida this summer for a wedding. Cici came down for a few weeks this summer. Everyone is doing well.
     As for Tim & I we have been just flowing along and trying to live through the summer. For so reason an alien invasion descended upon my house and must have switched bodies with my kids because they are not the children I dreamed of spending the summer with.....sigh. School starts soon and much to my shame I CAN"T WAIT!!!!!!!!! I will try to blog more but no promises........

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