Tuesday, September 28, 2010

My induction into the teenage years......

      Ok so I love my children. I have 6 of them. 3 we adopted and 3 are our bio. babies. Amelia turned 13 last November and all seemed to be going well. No nutty hormones, no boys, no DRAMA! I thought, "Well all those other moms were wrong, Amelia will be diffrent. My "perfect teen." Am I full of crap or what!?! September the pooh hit the fan in a major way! Hormones, boys and drama all at once. YIKES!!!! I was totally blindsided. I was so full of myself and my "perfect" teen that when the enevitable happened it made my cry. I mean the full blown ugly cry with snot, wailing and the whole mess.
      First, she has decided to be the trainer/water girl on the school football team. Then she gets a beau,
*quick side note: I refuse to use the "boyfriend" word. Odd I know but it helps me cope*
His name in A.J. and he seems really sweet.
Ok this I can handle. I know I can......
Supervised time together and random text checks. Got it!

I can't discuss her insane hormones because that will cross the "teenage line". I'll comply....for now.

And then when I thought I could handle it all. She took out the big guns. She told me that I embarass her. :(
It broke my heart. And after about an hour of feeling sorry for myself I went to her room and said, "I'm the mommy and have earned the right to embaress you!"
"I don't wear makeup because I want to spend that extra time in the morning with you. I don't wear fancy clothes because I'm busy buying them for you. I don't have a new house or car because I spend all our extra money on you so, suck it up and let me love you the best way I know how!"
Then for the first time in the 6 years that Amelia has been with us she gave me a big sloppy kiss and hug.
She use to tolerate hugs and cheek kisses but last night a wall fell and I wouldn't have it any other way.

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  1. Awesome! Way to handle it mom! Sounds like she will make it with the understanding that you will be able to guide her way! :) Cookie Mercer-Roach